Thursday, April 2, 2015


Thy name I least repent
Thy love I most cried for
I quiver under the memories
-of our ever enmeshing passion.
Railing through me
Through you
Is a covert world.
Place your candles before me
For I am the flame
Place it where the wind heads.
Let my ember be kissed away
Quiet like a pressed snow.
I unfurl like a spiraling fume
Enough to clog your pulsating pain
I quit for you to embark,
For you to breach the chains
And embark anew on wings.


  1. Why would you use Thy and your in the same poem... really good poem though :-)

  2. Is there a rule not to use 'thy' and 'your' in the same poem?

  3. No.. thee can write whatever you want