Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fated and Ineluctable!

Her shadow falls 
On the smooth surface
And she felt it came with a slither
A fluffy lightness
Of a beautiful white light
Ethereal and undimmed,
Defying the shadow logic!

“If it were a little dense
A little dark
A little less queer”
She wished and turned around.
Her cheeks blushed.
Crimson suffused shadow!
Red red shadow!
A flood of thoughts, urges, whims
Occasionally pulsating plumes
Pounding to be green!
“If it’s eternal!”
She wished, sighed
Shadow embraced!

Uninvited blues creep in
Fated and ineluctable
Shadow thinning out
Pitch-dark, grey, only some streaks!


Only a fluffy lightness of beautiful white light
Fated and ineluctable
And eternally ethereal!
But shadow no more!