Thursday, October 24, 2013


Can’t the mind see it?
Can’t it fantasize in seconds?
A sky in peach, apricots in blue
A boiling sea in a tranquil river?
They say it’s all created by the Grand Design
The trees         
The roots
The airy feathers
And the lump of flesh
From carnal delights!

And yet 
Why do the eyes cloud itselves
In sheaths of slimy delusions
In wraps of lies, wines, and glimmering city lights?
And yet 
Why don’t the hands bother -
To let go the lengthening shadows
And to fasten the distancing truths?

A drop of lust in love
Water in ink
And lie in truth
Makes it all sultry

Which fraudulence
Which artifice                  
Which impudence
Can make the worms less cankering
On a rotting corpse on a sequestered grave?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Not as Bewitching as HER Beauty in HIS Eyes

Seething pressure cooker and scintillating coffee fumes
She raises her hands to the cupboard in search of sugar
“Why you up so early?”
 His voice still embracing the late night’s sleep
Still sniffing to get a whiff of her scent.
“Take me to the park…”
“Longing for a walk?”
“Longing since our love was a child”
“No…with you!”
“Everything with me as usual!”

As he pulled her hard towards him
Her hands still wanted to search for -
Sugar and tea cups
Butter and butterflies
Romeo and Juliet!

She purposefully dodged the thought of park and the walk
And bit the surfacing reservations to his kisses  
For next to her conscience in the park and the prolonging walk
There was a Narcissus’s lake
Which reflects her beauty
Only to make her know that
It’s not worth jumping!
It’s not as bewitching as HER beauty in HIS eyes!