Thursday, December 26, 2013


Why do we meet such people?
Like two similar fishes
Colliding in an upsurging wave
Being sported by an unknown hand
Out in the air      
Vicious smiles-
Laughter - wonder-
Words slipping - stretching themselves
Slithering out of our mouths
Words rolled and sparkled
Ablazing the air around us.
All too much for us
To take in together.
And in the end
Only to dive backwards
To swim their own ways!
I use to draw blood dripping bird wings
Broken glass pieces
And barren trees when I was small.
What did you draw when you were small?
Did you have myriad hues?
Vibrant and variegated?
Do you have silence?
Do you have sorrow?

Don’t play hide and seek
The moments you are in hiding
Would be the longest one to me
Don’t make me seek
I am oblivion to
Faces hidden by intentions.

I know
You are out somewhere!
Wistful and waiting
Clenching fists-
Spitting thirst
For an abiding collision
For know not why!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Tale of a “The Latter in the Either-Or”

“You wish to say something?”
“No nothing at all…”
Her planned words
The charm of her quiescence
What a blushing comfort on him!
And how artfully she crafted a latent heart
Conspiring with head before each exchange!
Words rumbled within her
Throbbing and chiding-
Her hibernating longings.
And her incessant premonition
That the hushed fluttering of her veiled wings
Would reach his ears
Betraying her smiles and silences
Betraying her mask
Slowly welded and welded by
 -Umpteen silences-
Suspending her wings
In vein exertions of a sudden flight.
Her flights- utterly instinctual-
It echo ‘commas’ and ‘questions marks’
Commas- question marks-
Abhorred by him
(‘Brackets’ vexed him more)
‘Full stops’ and ‘exclamations’ pleased him!
How earnestly she grasped all his likes-dislikes
And at times when her repression overflowed
Gave him the warm shock of her enigma.

Can’t ever entreat him to fly with her.
Out of question!

Only two choices left

Fly single
Walk double!
Wouldn’t dare to do the former
Being certain
Only of vacuum and desolation
When she folds back her wings.
Couldn’t afford for a neither nor too
That would be dreadful!
So she picked the latter in the “either- or”!

The “either –or” mocked her so often
That she had to defend her choice
Picked choices should never show off its distortions
Distortions should be concealed
By any self argumentation.

So she found a meek solution
For the rumbling moaning words within her
Throbbing and chiding
Her hibernating longings.
Words in print!
Words in print are mute
Fictionalize it!
Double mute to him
The commas, question marks, brackets
All hardly visible to him!
And fly in “the viewless wings of poesy”!

Prose rebuilt poetry:P